Live blog of ‘Chicago Med’ panel at TV critics press tour

"Chicago Med" panel (L to right, top row): Andrew Dettmann, Colin Donnell, Nick Gehlfuss, Brian Tee and Matt Olmstead. Bottom row: S. Epatha Merkerson, Dick Wolf, Oliver Platt and Yaya DaCosta. | NBC

Need 200 cc’s of “Chicago Med” info, stat?

Read on for what I blogged live from the upcoming series’ panel at the TV critics summer press tour Thursday in Beverly Hills, Calif. The “Chicago Fire” spinoff premieres Nov. 17 on NBC.

The panel included cast members Yaya DaCosta, Colin Donnell, Nick Gehlfuss, S. Epatha Merkerson, Oliver Platt and Brian Tee. Notice “The Walking Dead” alum Laurie Holden’s name is missing from the list. She bowed out of the show for personal reasons. Bummer, I know. On the production side of things, “Chicago Med” showrunner Andrew Dettmann (“CSI”), Matt Olmstead (“Chicago Fire,” “Chicago P.D.”) and Dick Wolf were here.

I’m also interviewing a few cast members, as well as Olmstead and Dettmann, throughout the day. I asked you guys on Twitter to submit questions and, well, you more than obliged. Even “Chicago Fire” star Jesse Spencer (Lt. Matt Casey) came out of social media hibernation to submit one. (Nice troll work, Jesse.)

I’ll try to get answers to as many of your questions as possible and post them in separate stories in the coming days. UPDATE: The “Chicago Fire” Q&A is up. Read it here.

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Lori Rackl August 13, 20159:32 pm

Here’s the dilly on the crossovers this season: They’re planning on 3 total: 2 will be between Med/Fire/PD and the third — in February — will be a four-way with SVU.

Lori Rackl August 13, 20152:39 pm

OK, panel ended at 12:15. I have interviews with some of the panelists later today. Will try to get the Matt Olmstead Q&A up soon. Don’t know how I’ll get through all the questions (you’re a curious bunch!), but I’ll do my best.

Lori Rackl August 13, 20152:12 pm

S. Epatha Merkerson said “this man never does anything that people won’t enjoy watching,” referring to the man to her left, Dick Wolf.

Lori Rackl August 13, 20152:10 pm

Yaya looks gorgeous by the way. She played Whitney Houston in the Lifetime biopic. Coincidentally, Whitney died in this very hotel, the Beverly Hilton.

Lori Rackl August 13, 20152:07 pm

Q from reporter: Will SVU get involved here right away or will it take some time? “We’re doing a four-way crossover” once this season, said Matt Olmstead. Will happen in Feb.

Lori Rackl August 13, 20152:05 pm

Showrunner Andrew Dettmann says it will be a fast-paced show but we’re also taking cases and following them through so you won’t know what diagnosis is right away.

Lori Rackl August 13, 20152:04 pm

Oliver Platt says his character, Dr. Daniel Charles, is head of psych dept. “You don’t find out a lot about Daniel Charles from Daniel Charles.” Wolf adds: He’s been married four times and has one kid with each of his wives. Wow!

Lori Rackl August 13, 20152:00 pm

Q: How many more shows could you see in this franchise? Dick Wolf says there’d never be a fourth unless this works. If Med works, who knows…

Lori Rackl August 13, 20152:00 pm

Dick Wolf says the support of the city and the people has been incredible. “Now these are the hometown shows.” Wolf said people are polite in Chicago and don’t bother the actors like they would in other cities.

Lori Rackl August 13, 20151:59 pm

“The sense of community that exists on ‘Fire’ is truly remarkable. They clearly enjoy each other so much.” — Oliver Platt, who told me last night he’s also a big fan of Lou Malnati’s pizza.

Lori Rackl August 13, 20151:58 pm

Reporter asks about filming in Chicago, especially in the winter. Brian Tee says luckily we’ll be shooting mostly indoors. (That’s a definitely departure from Fire and PD)

Lori Rackl August 13, 20151:57 pm

Yaya says there are great people on set to help them with the medial lingo, etc.

Lori Rackl August 13, 20151:56 pm

Cast asked about doing medical jargon. Brian Tee says it’s a matter of practicing and repeating it over and over. Colin added: “That’s not to say there’s not going to be some great outtakes.” 

Lori Rackl August 13, 20151:55 pm

Wolf: “Our actors don’t direct on their own shows.” 

Lori Rackl August 13, 20151:55 pm

Merkerson said Wolf knows what she did for 17 seasons and to bring her in along the same lines of her old character, who maybe wasn’t as flawed as she would’ve liked, would be silly. The characters will be different, but both in managerial positions.

Lori Rackl August 13, 20151:53 pm

S. Epatha Merkerson (longtime “Law & Order” cast member) said it was a no-brainer working with Dick Wolf again. 

Lori Rackl August 13, 20151:52 pm

Yaya DaCosta (nurse April Sexton and Severide’s squeeze) says she’s the nurse the doctors turn to when something needs to get done. 

Lori Rackl August 13, 20151:51 pm

New cast member Colin Donnell. Reporter said you’ve died on your last two shows. Are you worried? He says no.

Lori Rackl August 13, 20151:50 pm

Dick Wolf said the crossovers “are incredible ratings engines for us.” But they can’t be commonplace. 

Lori Rackl August 13, 20151:50 pm

Q from reporter: Do you say we’d like X number of crossovers each season?

Lori Rackl August 13, 20151:50 pm

Wolf said sex education in school is fair game for a storyline, too. 

Lori Rackl August 13, 20151:49 pm

Dick Wolf says the aim is every week, you’ll get at least one piece of medical info you didn’t know. Could be in the zeitgeist. Other medical stories besides Ebola.

Lori Rackl August 13, 20151:48 pm

Q from reporter: How many medical headlines can you “rip from the headlines?”

Lori Rackl August 13, 20151:47 pm

Showing a clip of the show right now from the planted spinoff on “Chicago Fire” last season. Filming on new season starts mid-Sept.

Lori Rackl August 13, 20151:46 pm

Premiere date is now Tuesday, Nov. 17.

Lori Rackl August 13, 20151:45 pm

Talked to new cast member Brian Tee this morning. He was beaming. His wife had their first child just 52 hours earlier.

Lori Rackl August 13, 20151:43 pm

Just a few minutes until the panel starts. Lots of empty chairs on stage. 

Lori Rackl August 13, 20151:42 pm

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