Sneak peek of ‘Chicago Fire’ gave me goosebumps — and not the good kind

Squad captain Dallas Patterson (Brian White) in Tuesday's "Chicago Fire." | Elizabeth Morris~NBC

Dawson isn’t the only one with a bad feeling in her stomach. The next episode of “Chicago Fire” has the potential to be a dark one indeed.

Check out this exclusive first look at a scene from Tuesday’s installment. It’s a short clip but it says a lot. Give it a watch and we’ll carry on this conversation when you’re done:

OK. We know Boden and Dawson are both at Chicago Med and they’re both in trouble — but for different reasons.

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Boden’s job is on the line if he can’t track down the arson files implicating scuzzball real estate developer Roger Maddox as a modern-day Mrs. O’Leary’s cow. Boden is a stand-up guy, though, so he pushes aside his professional woes to focus on Dawson’s personal problems, which are posing a grave risk to herself and her unborn Dawsey baby, destined to be The Cutest Kid Ever.

Boden insists on staying at Med to support Casey while Dawson goes under the knife. Herrmann’s there, too. Herrmann tries to assure Casey everything’s going to be OK, but that look on Casey’s face is a foreboding one. My hunch is we may never see The Cutest Kid Ever.

The scene didn’t just set the stage for a whole lot of sadness. It had a whiff of potentially sinister behavior, too. Hear me out:

The hospital’s Casey/Dawson cheering section includes Severide, who wants to greet Dawson in the post-op recovery room with more than just a bouquet of flowers. He tells Boden he’s going to hunt for the MIA arson files that Dawson and Boden were looking for right before she doubled over with baby troubles at the end of last week’s episode.

Did anyone else find it weird/interesting that newly anointed squad captain Dallas Patterson (Brian White) offered to go with Severide — hardly his BFF — to track down the missing files? Making the files go bye-bye appears to have been an inside job. After watching this clip, I couldn’t help but think Dallas might be the guy that made them disappear in the first place. Am I nuts? What do you think?

Tuesday’s episode is titled “Your Day Is Coming,” which could be optimistic or ominous depending on your point of view. Hate to say it, but I’m going with the latter.

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